It’s a great experience to work with KEIGA on his conceptual fashion campaign Surplus Value Center, which I got chance to made a short film intro and few lookbook scene spaces.

I mainly conceived and produced several factory-like "centers" with a lot of steam, pipes and assemblelines as well as a glance of story that happened in it. These scenes are inspired by the realistic background of his garment design, and also functionally transformed into digital show stages and lookbook backgrounds for the later parts. 

/View more about KEIGA’s amazing fashion design concepts and details at:


/3D visuals: KEIGA, Yilin      Character Models: KEIGA        Music&SFX: Marco Henri         Simulation Models: Keigo Okazaki, Yudai Tateishi, Yuji

Style frames:

Villain CAM9X.png
Villain CAM6X.png
Worker CAM9X_edited.jpg
Worker CAM7_00029.png
Worker CAM2_00001.jpg
Hero CAM2X_00048.png
Villain CAM10X_00088.png

Look Books:

Campaign 1.jpg
Campaign 2.jpg
Campaign 3.jpg
Campaign 4.jpg

Design & Production:

Find more about KEIGA’s amazing fashion design concepts and details at:

KEIGA used CLO and Zbrush to shape character models and tell their design background: revealing the plight of workers in real life from the ideology and working environment. Through digital way to describe the dialogue and journey of three different characters ‘Villain’, ‘Revolter’, ‘Worker’.

Then I set out to use c4d to add some dynamics to these characters, including the swing of the mecha tentacles and the incite of the wings. After rendering the scenes with Octane, I used AE to add a bit more of the lens movement and foggy atmosphere.

Scene Villain Board.jpg