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DeComputation Project 2: Transient


Keywords: time / movement 

In this project, my team members and I focused on the transient moments of things. We all know that everything in the world is in a state of motion, and short-term changes can also contain rich metamorphosis and content. 

At the outset, we conducted separate investigations of this transient dynamic change. From the butterfly flapping its wings to the bursting of the balloon to the shape of the ink drops in the water, etc. We found that performance artist Jan conducted a series of interesting experiments on using fragile objects such as balloons (Image 1). He used different devices to make the moment when the balloon burst more unique and vivid, thereby increasing the appreciation of his work more unique and meaningful. This makes us think about how we can use this short moment for our own creation.

After further discussion, we thought the balloon idea was simple and feasible. Because this is a daily item that is very easy to obtain and familiar to everyone. Combining the idea of ​​painting with ink and pigment during the previous research, we believe that the power of balloon burst moments can be combined with colorful inks to create unique, moment-based images.

We then designed and perfected our device with several small tests. The device consists of acrylic panels (to make it easier for viewers to see what's inside) and has openings around the top of the box (Image 2). These openings are used to place balloons into the transparent box. The balloons they put contained different colors of pigment. When the user injects air into the balloon until it bursts, the internal paint will be sprayed on the acrylic board by an instant explosion, forming a unique "abstract painting". (Video 3 and image 4)

Our design received good final outcomes (Image 5 and 6) and feedback. And the audience is very happy to participate in the interaction of the device. I think that the use of this transient dynamic in an indirect form can fully reflect the nature of the concept of "transient" and its uncertainty and uniqueness. At the same time, I also think there are many areas that can be improved, including the user experience and more ways to play the device.


Jan - Balloon destroyer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhA-dOPVAeU&feature=youtu.be

Ink in motion by Macro room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICxC5ekWnUc