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Week3 A little change: Project in London underground

Keywords: public space / different medium / human behavior

In this short one day project, I mainly discover the people's behavior on London Underground. After living in London for around four years, London underground is one of the most familiar and most frequently used modes of transportation. 

Start from Wood lane station, I have observed that many people will carry newspapers on the subway. There is no doubt that newspapers are second only to mobile phones in the way of passing time. At the same time, people can get short entertainment and rest from this small piece of paper.

When I observe the object of the newspaper, I noticed that crossword puzzles and Sudoku are games that people often play on the subway journey ( image3 and 4 ). These games are usually arranged on specific pages of the newspaper ( image 5 ). Many people will use a pen to fill in letters or numbers. And after they finish the game or arrive at the station, they will leave the newspaper beside the seats. And around this behavior, few more interesting phenomena have been founded:

1. Many people carry newspapers just for playing games, and they carry the pens into the underground. From the observed       

    results, older people are more inclined to do so.

2. Some people will continue the game that others have not completed. They usually pick up newspapers that are left in other 

    seats. And the game becomes an interesting indirect connection between two strangers.

Base on what I found, I mainly brought out the idea of the gamebook for the underground. This small publication contains many games inside and an attached pen. The pen attached to the gamebook can let everyone easy to play that without bringing a pen. At the same time, the instructions on the cover page show the flows of this book should only be limited to the subway system. I hope through this small publication, we can build a