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Week2 London Design Festival

Keywords: digital media / AR / contemporary global issues




Over September 2019, V&A museum transformed iconic spaces across the museum with specially-commissioned projects by leading international designers and hosted an inspirational line up of talks, debates, daily tours, and workshops.

Exhibition1: Non-Pavilion (AR project, image 1 and 2)

This exhibition is located outside the V&A entrance. With a simple orange pole, AR technology is integrated into a very small space, and several different tablet displays are used to provide feedback on contemporary over-consumption issues.

In this exhibition, the use of AR technology makes a small space and it can be very exciting. One of the projects shows that humans may live in a very small space in the future, and this idea is very similar to the concept of the movie Downsizing. The addition of AR technology allowed me to walk into a mini-building and feel the possibility in an immersive way.

Downsizing reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downsizing_(film)



Exhibition2: Affinity in Autonomy (image 3 and 4, video 5)

In this exhibition, Sony brings the latest technology. Combine AI technology with people's behavior better. In this project, we as an audience can interact with the robotic arms in a circular cage. In simple interaction and feedback, think about how we will face this new technology in the future and how to coexist with them. 

The meaning of this project is in line with my undergraduate work Digital Wonders. Both have discussed the relationship between electronic technology and human beings. In this pavilion, I saw the involvement of more complex and sophisticated technology, as well as the real face-to-face interaction between people and machines. It is no longer a symbolic use of visual images to study and explore.

Exhibition reference: https://www.vam.ac.uk/event/lyLZ07g7/affinity-in-autonomy?gclid=CjwKCAjwibzsBRAMEiwA1pHZrv476AXMF2okGiBZyAZJWTFOLXh_6pMWFIbaxey4Fk2XD5RiUEjB-RoC_bcQAvD_BwE

Digital Wonders reference: https://www.legacyism.com/digitalwonders